Elizabeth Vergara


T: 631.309.5860

105 Maxess Road, Suite 124

Melville, NY 11747

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Elizabeth Vergara has an affinity for design and construction that started from a young age. Taking in the steps of her father, who has worked in the construction industry since she can crawl. She flourished with opportunity as a native New Yorker graduating with a BFA AND MFA in interior design from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2010. 


What sets her apart from the rest is her keen eye for detail in construction before, during, and after the design of a space. She can envision any space and how it can be transformed. 


After several years gaining experience working with high end architectural firms and construction management firms as the lead project manager and senior designer, she founded her own company Vergara Design and Construction. 


Vergara Design and Construction, Inc. is a full service residential interior design firm that works with their clients from design and planning through end of construction and renovations in New York and Long Island.


Our combined approach provides our clients with the information they need to determine the costs of their projects during design and planning. Throughout the project we work alongside our clients in a collaborative effort to realize the vision and design of what they will call a home. Incorporating the functional needs for each client and integrating materials, details and finishes into high-quality designs.


In each case we incorporate our years of experience, quality, efficiency, and our client driven approach to our work and dedication.

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