Love Your Home, One Room a Time

Room Design is our online, cost-effective custom Interior Design service that helps our clients take on designs one room at a time.  Together, we look at the room that needs TLC with design and décor improvements. We start with a 15-minute video conference call and end with a comprehensive, custom report, moodboard and product list to help achieve discussed goals for the space.

Most people aren’t financially ready for a full gut renovation or redesign of their existing home, so sometimes they get stuck. This is why we created our E-Design options for room design – to offer you an affordable way to get professional interior design services so you can love the home you live in.

For $350, you will receive:

  1. A room assessment of the space, written by a professional designer and accompanied with an overall review, based on cohesion, aesthetic, use of space, furniture and décor.  This will include up to 10 recommendations for the room – from layout, to painting, to furniture, to replacing furniture, this will be custom based on your needs and what our design team recommends.

  2. A moodboard:  a two-page digital file that will give you a visual floor plan layout of the room and a moodboard based on products recommended, as well as how and where to place the products.

  3. A product list:  a digital file that shows each product recommended.

The Process

1.  Fill out a simple questionnaire that our team will review in detail.

2.  We will follow up to confirm a date and time for a 15-minute video conference call.

3.  During the call, VDC will visually review the space, ask specific questions, discuss the design challenges, see what, if any, existing furniture or décor can be used, etc.  We will also define any homework as needed (i.e.: client to send measurements of room and existing furniture to be reused, as well as Pinterest board pictures with desired looks).

4.  VDC will then get to work on the room design!  You will receive your first round of your room review within 5-7 business days from the        completion of the video call.

5.  One round of changes is included and once approved, we then send you a product list for review and approval.

6.  You pay for the amount of items in advance., VDC will extend all designer discounts with a 15% products purchasing and managing fee.  

7.  VDC places all orders for the approved products and you complete the installation based on the moodboard and how-to's provided.